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GTDC - Energy

Consulting Services

GTDC-Energy provides the expertise of experienced renewable energy professionals to offer customizable independent consulting services to clients who are considering renewable energy projects such as large scale solar or wind power plants, waste to energy or fuel production plants, or green technology transfer.

Our renewable energy development consulting services can assess a full range of areas such as financial, technical and environmental viabilities to ensure project success. The consulting services encompass the full lifecycle starting from crafting a sound strategy, to the planning, implementation, and operations phases. It is our passion to develop local talent and skills in the areas we get involved in; to that effect, we advice our clients how they should integrate local talent development in their renewable energy projects.

Among the consulting services we offer:

  • Technical advice for building renewable energy into the energy mix
  • Resource Assessment
  • Project financing and identifying sources of finance
  • Financial modeling, budgeting, and revenue projections
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technology identification, system selection, design
  • Vendor identification and selection
  • Environmental studies and impact assessments
  • Feedstock analysis
  • Chemical, civil and structural engineering plans
  • Local jobs creation analysis
  • Procurement support
  • Risk assessment and mitigation


We help governments and businesses in our client countries by consulting them on how they can effectively harness their massive renewable energy potentials to unlock huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

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