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GTDC - Energy

Waste to Energy and Fuel

Another solution that GTDC-Energy offers to its client countries is providing technology that converts solid waste to electric energy or fuel. As our client countries experience tremendous economic and demographic growth and rural areas are urbanized rapidly, they are faced with a challenge of handling waste properly and efficiently. GTDC-Energy offers a unique opportunity for these frontier and emerging markets to turn this problem into an opportunity by setting up large-scale power generating plants that would turn waste to energy or synthetic fuel that is safe, environmentally friendly and economical.

Waste to energy or fuel plants can be designed and installed in many ways using different technologies. The team of experts GTDC-Energy has assembled can assess individual situations and deliver the most suitable technology with the right financing structure that applies to the individual client. The team brings the right mix of financial, logistical and technical expertise to realize the project. It is our passion to develop local talent and skills in the areas we get involved in; to that effect, we ensure knowledge transfer by involving local professionals in every aspect of the projects. Once set up, waste to energy or fuel plants increase recycling rate, significantly reduce landfill space, eliminate hazardous pollutants that otherwise create significant levels of air toxins when the waste is dumped to landfills, and add value where there was none.



With the right technology applied, electrical energy or fuel can be produced from almost any feedstock such as:

  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)
  • Agricultural waste
  • Wood chips, sawdust, tree cuttings
  • Food waste
  • Animal waste
  • Used tire rubber



GTDC-Energy partners with highly experienced team of experts in the industry to design and implement successful waste to energy and/or fuel plants in our client countries. We bring together a team of professionals in chemical, civil and structural engineering; feedstock analysis; international financing; and project management. Our team brings end-to-end solutions including project development, design, engineering, installation, operations training, and operations & maintenance.


We help governments and businesses in our client countries effectively harness their massive renewable energy potential to unlock huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

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