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At the core of GTDC’s formation, the mission has been to look beyond the profit margin and explore and expand opportunities to the countries of the world that are emerging in the global sphere. That is why we chose to focus on the countries in Africa and the Middle East. Among the sectors we are involved in, the two areas that we feel we are making the most impact in our client countries are:

  • Facilitating foreign direct investment (FDI) for our clients to expand their businesses
  • Transferring renewable energy technology to frontier markets

At the heart of these efforts, cultivating relationships that are global in nature with multi-dimensional benefits, training and empowering local talent, and capacity building are the main ingredients of success in our client countries. These ingredients enable successful businesses in frontier markets to go out boldly and seek markets beyond their respective countries and regions. Discipline, focus, and work ethics keep GTDC on track, so that we keep our clients on track to expand their horizon and reach their potential.

On the Financing side, most companies in the frontier market have not yet built up their capacity and the relationships and networking needed to raise capital from investors in the global market. On the other hand, investors in the West are looking for the huge opportunities unlocked in the frontier market due to the ever-changing dynamics of the global market. Yet, they too lack the experience and the network dealing with successful businesses cropping up in these economies that are looking for capital, partnerships, mergers, and knowhow to expand their businesses beyond their borders. We at GTDC are in a unique position and are creating a win-win situation for both ends of the spectrum.

The renewable technology transfer allows us to make a difference in our client countries by helping them to look at alterative, sustainable energy sources as their energy needs skyrocket due to economic improvements and demographic changes. Our business model is to ensure that our clients get the best and latest renewable energy technology transferred, local talent is properly trained, and they are continuously supported to enhance their capacity not only to consume, but also to produce this technology in the global market.

Here at GTDC, we truly mean it when we say we are in it to integrate frontier markets to the global economy in a way that benefits all.

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