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GTDC - Energy

GTDC-Energy delivers comprehensive renewable energy solutions to its clients in emerging and frontier markets. As our client countries in Africa and the Middle East continue experiencing fast economic and demographic growth, GTDC-Energy helps them craft strategies and implement solutions that leapfrog them away from expensive, insecure fossil fuel to enjoying their massive renewable energy potentials.

Partnering with world-class experts in renewable energy, GTDC-Energy is playing its role in helping frontier economies unlock their huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

We use the latest technology available and leverage the expertise of the most experienced and knowledgeable professionals in the renewable energy industry to ensure all aspects of a renewable energy project are addressed for a successful implementation.

GTDC-Energy Solutions

  • Consulting - We provide customizable, end-to-end independent consulting services tailored to our clients’ needs ranging from crafting comprehensive energy strategies to assessing financial, technical, and environmental viabilities of renewable energy projects. Learn more
  • Large-scale solar & wind power production - In partnership with the best-in- the-business experts, we help our clients set up large-scale solar or wind energy production plants using the latest technology. We offer our services on every stage of the project from initiation to implementation as well as financing options. Learn more
  • Waste to energy and fuel – Our waste to energy and/or fuel solutions offer our clients the technology to turn problem into opportunity by producing energy and synthetic fuel from the waste they generate. We work with some of the most experienced companies in the world with many years of designing and installing successful waste-to-energy and waste-to-fuel plants in many countries. Learn more
  • Green Technology Transfer – We design and set up scalable green technology production plants and train local talent for our clients so that they can become renewable energy technology products manufacturers and suppliers in their regions. Learn more

Lets make your energy needs renewable

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