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GTDC - Energy

Green Technology Transfer

As our client countries experience unprecedented levels of economic growth, the decisions and investments they make on their energy strategy makes a huge difference on their future growth in energy demand and how that demand is met. GTDC-Energy helps our clients make strategic decisions that will allow them localize the green technology they bring in. We not only support our client countries to be consumers of green technology, we also help them to become manufacturers and distributors of green technology products and inputs.

As part of this effort, GTDC-Energy offers green technology transfer to our client countries by helping them set up scalable green technology products manufacturing plants. The products manufactured in the plants depend on the needs of each individual market ranging from manufacturing environmental friendly off-grid, portable and permanent solar-powered generators that could replace the ubiquitous diesel generators in our client countries, to manufacturing wind turbines, manufacturing photovoltaic solar panels, etc. We recently completed a technology transfer that enabled SolarGens to be manufactured in Ethiopia.

Our clients benefit from manufacturing these products locally in many ways. Some of these benefits are:

  • Environmental friendly products
  • Job creation and local talent cultivation in manufacturing and related services
  • Manufacturing capability of technologically advanced products that compete globally
  • Competitive advantage with relatively cheaper workforce
  • Support for their domestic green strategy
  • Reduced foreign currency demand by manufacturing import substitution
  • Exporting opportunity
  • Geographic proximity to potential customers in the region that reduces shipping costs, lead times
  • Input for potential customers’ large-scale projects in the region

We work with our clients to make sure the most suitable technology is transferred and human capital is developed to compete effectively globally.We recently completed a technology transfer that enabled SolarGens to be manufactured in Ethiopia.


We help governments and businesses in our client countries effectively harness their massive renewable energy potential to unlock huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

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