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GTDC - Finance

In collaboration with leading New York investment firms that specialize in emerging and frontier markets, GTDC- Finance brings private investment and growth capital to companies involved in various sectors and government entities for their medium- to large-scale projects. Our focus is making sure our customers in emerging and frontier markets in Africa and the Middle East get their share of foreign direct investment (FDI) from institutional private equity funds, hedge funds, and strategic investors in the United States and around the globe. Our services are not industry specific, and we provide services to qualified companies in Africa and the Middle East involved in sectors such as financial services, insurance, real estate development, hospitality, education, energy, technology, telecom, import- export, agro industry, natural resources, etc. for their expansion and growth projects.

Our partners in investment banking have played leading roles in transactions totaling billions of dollars, both on the capital raising side as well as in terms of merger and acquisition work. This work has spanned a range from multi-billion dollar deals for Fortune 100 clients to private equity investments into leading companies in frontier markets. Equipped with a wealth of contacts and network of investors in the private equity, hedge fund and venture capital communities in the U.S. and around the globe, GTDC- Finance is well positioned to bring the type of capital companies in frontier markets need to expand their business. Companies in the rapidly developing economies of Africa and the Middle East can and should take advantage of the changing economic landscape to get the FDI they need to become regional and global players in the sectors they are involved in.

We selectively engage with clients that have a high probability of achieving long-term success. We work with firms to identify their strengths in the marketplace and develop a sustainable growth strategy that will allow them to more successfully compete in their respective industries.

In addition to raising capital, we can also bring you the expertise of well-seasoned New York investment bankers to serve you as independent advisors on:

  • Strategic transactions,
  • Asset management,
  • Capital procurement,
  • Joint-venture strategy and, seeking out appropriate strategic partners for growth,
  • Restructurings, and other financial matters.

Think global - become a major regional, continental, and global player by expanding your market leveraging capital injection. GTDC-Finance makes your dream realized.


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