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GTDC - Energy

Large-Scale Solar & Wind Power Production

The advantage of generating grid or off-grid electricity without carbon footprint that avoids continuous purchases of fossil fuel such as coal, and integrating clean, infinite renewable energy into the existing energy mix, are some of the reasons why our clients embark on setting up large-scale solar and wind power production plants.

Complex, large-scale solar or wind power plants require expertise in financial, logistics and organizational planning. GTDC-Energy works with highly qualified team of professionals in the industry to bring governments and businesses in our client countries the expertise to ensure our solar and wind power plant projects are financed properly and designed and implemented using the most suitable and advanced solar and wind technology. Our team of experts handles the full range of financing, engineering, procurement, project management, construction, operation, and maintenance involved in large-scale solar or wind power production. It is our passion to develop local talent and skills in the areas we get involved in; to that effect, we ensure knowledge transfer by involving local professionals in every aspect of the projects.



We have assembled a world class team of experienced experts in:

  • Solar and wind energy Manufacturing
  • Solar and wind power plant design
  • International solar and wind projects financing
  • Contractor management
  • Project management
  • Equipment Procurement
  • Civil and structural engineering
  • Operations training
  • Environmental impact assessment


The team is committed to analyzing the facts on the ground in each individual client country to ensure we create solutions that address the requirements unique to each project.


We help governments and businesses in our client countries effectively harness their massive renewable energy potential to unlock huge economies of scale and offer substantial benefits for equitable development, local value creation, energy security, and environmental sustainability.

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